About Us

A Pioneer in Digital Holter Monitoring

Forest Medical has been committed to customer satifaction and providing quality service at a low price since 1996. Forest Medical, LLC has been a long term pioneer in the development of digital Holter monitoring technology and is today’s value leader in Holter Monitoring Systems. We offer a wide range of Holter monitoring products that are designed to meet the requirements of primary care, cardiology, hospital, and research markets. We have thousands of systems in use throughout the world.

Developer of eidos™ Holter Algorithm

Forest Medical, LLC is the developer of the proven eidos™ Holter Algorithm which is included in all of our Holter Analysis Software and Holter Recorder/Analyzer products. All of our Holter Recorders and Holter Recorder/Analyzers meet ANSI/AAMI standards for ambulatory electrocardiographs (EC38) and are CE marked. By choosing Forest Medical as your Holter monitoring system provider you can have confidence in your results.

Holter Monitoring Professionals

Our team of Holter monitoring professionals is available to assist you with planning and purchasing a system that meets your requirements both now and for the future. Testimonials from our customers demonstrate the value of our products and personnel in achieving success with Holter monitoring. Call us today to discuss your requirements for Holter monitoring in detail.

Holter is Good Business

Forest Medical Trillium Holter Systems allow you to stop losing patients, enhance patient care, increase office revenue, allow you to receive a high return on investment, and meet the needs of againg baby boomers. Click to learn more about the benefits of Holter monitoring at your office.


Customer Reviews

"I just wanted to write to you to let you know how pleased we have been with the Trillium Holter system that we purchased from you 2 years ago. After using the units now for 2 years, I can say that this was one of the best equipment purchases we have made. We have had zero problems with the units, have had very good personal service, and because of the Trillium's low cost we reached break-even in just 7 months of use! For anyone in the market for a quality Holter system, I highly recommend Forest Medical Holters."

-Jay Schaefer
Director Cardiopulmonary Services
Methodist Hospital

"Our corporation purchased 12 Holter units from you. Your system has reduced our nursing time to half of what it was with our tape system. Thank you for making our Holter scanning a job that is fun, easy, and reliable."

-Christine Gray, RN
Nursing Supervisor
Parkersburg Cardiology Associates, Inc.

"We are extremely pleased with the performance and overall reports. The software is very user friendly. The staff at Forest Medical is friendly, easy to contact and give the highest standard of service when needed. When purchasing the Holters I was a little skeptical, not knowing much about Forest Medical, but let me reassure they are a top notch company and would highly recommend them."

-Cliff Bowman, RDCS, RVT
North Florida Imaging, Inc.

"I have been involved with Holter ambulatory monitoring for twenty-four years and this is the best product that I have seen and used. Keep up the great work!"

-Brad Stimak
Supervisor, CardioVascular Lab
Lourdes Hospital

Digital Holter Monitoring Systems for All Applications

Forest Medical, LLC offers a wide range of digital Holter monitoring products that are designed to meet the most demanding usability, durability, technical, and economic requirements of primary care, cardiology, hospital, and research markets. We have thousands of systems in use throughout the world and a proven track record as the value leader in Holter Monitoring Systems.

Powerful Holter Monitoring Systems for Cardiology Applications

Forest Medical, LLC offers productive and powerful Holter Analysis Software and advanced digital Holter Recorders to meet your most demanding requirements for pediatric through adult cardiology applications. All of our Holter Monitoring System products are based on our proven eidos™ Holter Algorithm and provide flexible and accurate analysis, expanded functionality, powerful editing capabilities, and configurable and editable reports to give you the information you need to provide the best possible patient care.

Case Study - Connecticut

In a Cardiology practice in Connecticut with a main office and three outlying offices, one person is able to scan 1400 Holter reports per year using Forest Medical equipment and software. And this is in addition to other duties including hook-up and removal of Holter Recorders at the main office, stress testing, EKGs, Echocardiograms, supervisory duties, etc.

Holter Monitoring Systems for Hospitals of Any Size

Our advanced digital Holter monitoring products successfully meet the most demanding usability, durability, technical, and economic requirements of hospitals of any size.

Case Study - Florida

A hospital system in southern Florida needed 20 Forest Medical Holter Recorders to service four area locations. Forest Medical Holter Analysis Software was Installed centrally on a network drive allowing the program to be used by technicians at all four locations (up to 20 miles apart). Data can be downloaded from our Holter Recorders at one location, reviewed and edited at another location (or more than one for some challenging rhythms) and then printed to another location (if the doctor is at that location that day). The hospital system uses Forest Medical equipment and software for many applications including 48-hour studies, pediatrics, and geriatrics.

Case Study - California

A pediatric hospital in central California with a central Cardiology Department and several affiliated external offices needed 25 Forest Medical Holter Recorders and Holter Analysis Software installed centrally on a network drive as well as independently on outlying office workstations (Up to 100 miles apart). Holter monitoring data is generally downloaded at a central location while studies can be reviewed, edited, and printed across the hospital's 1600+ PC network. Completed Narrative Reports are uploaded to an Electronic Medical Records system. The system has been significantly upgraded and expanded over time with additional Forest Medical Holter Recorders and Holter Analysis Software.

Case Study - West Virginia

A small hospital in West Virginia could not afford Holter monitoring equipment in the past. This forced patients to travel long distances for testing – and to have to wait for the results. The hospital was very delighted that technically sophisticated equipment, with powerful Holter Analysis Software from Forest Medical, could be learned by their staff and used efficiently, reliably and especially affordably in their facility. A win for the hospital, its doctors, staff, and especially the patients.

Economical Holter Monitoring Systems for Primary Care Applications

Our rugged and economical Holter Recorder/Analyzers and Holter Recorders are ideally suited for many types of primary care applications. Our Trillium 1000™ Holter Recorder/Analyzer with Direct to Print capabilities makes it possible to get started with Holter monitoring in your office at the lowest possible cost and without additional office space, computers, or personnel.

Case Study - Ohio

A single Internist practice in a small Midwestern city had employed a “Scanning Service” for several years with a Holter recorder and supplies placed into the practice (at no cost). The physician’s staff would hook up a patient and remove the recorder at the completion of the test. The data (flash card or tape) was sent to the scanning service by express delivery, analyzed, and a report returned to the physician in a few days. The physician received the first component of the billing (hook-up and removal), the service received the second component (computer assisted report generation), and they both split the third component (physician over-read).

Upon close evaluation of the time, skills and costs involved, the physician concluded that a superior report could be generated with Forest Medical's Holter monitoring system in-house more quickly, with little additional time spent and with the cost being offset by full billing at as little as one or two procedures performed per month. Return on investment was achieved within six months.

Advanced, High Reliability, Holter Monitoring Systems

Our highly reliable digital Holter Monitoring Systems offer advanced capabilities that are ideal for many types of research studies and applications. Our products have been featured in national and international studies and events including:

Holter Monitoring Systems for Animals

The Trillium Platinum Vet™ Holter Analysis Software produces a much more accurate automated analysis of canine, feline and equine ECG monitoring data, with the immediate benefit of having a complete and accurate report within minutes, not days. When combined with our Trillium Holter Recorders for many sizes of animals, Forest Medical offers the best in Veterinary Holter Monitoring.