How Holter Can Help You

Stop Losing Patients to Referrals

Advancements in technology have dratically improved the diagnostic capabilities and automated much of the procedure; now many Internists, Primary Care Physicians and Family Practicioners are offering Holter Monitoring as an added service to their patients.

Enhance Your Patient Care

Improve your patient care by offering the added convenience and comfort from your office.

Increase Office Revenue

Offering more services will boost your office marketability and help retain your patients. Also receive maximum reimbursement from Medicare and all major carriers for the Holter procedure.

Receive a High Return on Investment

Our Trillium Holter Systems offer the best value in high-quality Holter. The national average for Medicare reimbursement is currently $125.00 per Holter procedure. Private insurers most often reimburse at a much higher rate than Medicare. Approximately one procedure a week for six months will cover the cost of a new Trillium Holter system. The average lifecycle of a Trillium System is 5 to 10 years.

Meet the Needs of Aging Baby Boomers

According to the CDC by 2030, 60 million baby boomers will be over age 65. The incidence of CV disease among this group is expected to grow by 65% to 75% of the population, or 45 million new baby boomer patients with heart disease.